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Terms and Conditions

Return Policy

All items by Humbled Craft Co, with the exception of original paintings, are made to order. Additionally, every item is hand made, therefore all sales are final. If your item arrives defective, please email me to discuss your concerns and we can more than likely reach a solution that is suitable for the both of us. Please note, that many of my products are made with natural materials (such as soft woods) and will have some flaws that are unique to each piece, such as cracks, knots, and dents. These are not considered to be defects. It should be noted that wood is an organic material that will change over time as it responds to it's environmental conditions. You may notice your piece split, change color, or have gaps in areas over time. These are also not considered defects. Humbled Craft Co is not responsible for any damage to your item after it leaves our property. 

Commissioned art

As of February 2023, I will now be requiring a non refundable deposit of 50% of the estimated cost of your custom painting. Should you choose to proceed with an order, your deposit reserves your spot in my calender and must be received prior to beginning the painting. The remaining balance will be due once the painting is complete and ready for pick up/shipping.


When commissioning a piece of art, it is important to be aware that while reference photos are helpful and strongly encouraged, I cannot create a direct copy of a reference/photograph. The purpose of a reference photo, in addition to the questions I will ask you, is to provide inspiration and a general idea of your landscape. It is the role of the customer to highlight the subject(s) that you want included (or ommitted), and which parts are most important to you. It is my role as the artist to use the information you provide to create a piece that reflects your reference using my artistic skill, interpretation and style. I enjoy painting in an impressionist-abstract style and I often work with a palette that includes soft, warm, and earth tones. If you are looking for a very detailed and photo realistic painting, or a direct replica of a photograph, my art may not be for you. 

Framed paintings

If your painting is sold within a frame, please note that the frame is included at no extra charge (with the exception of commissioned work). Frames that are included with the piece are pre-loved, and may also be vintage or antique. As such, there may be some minor flaws. These are not considered to be defects. You are welcome to request that the painting be packaged without the frame, and are encouraged to do so if you do not want the frame, so that it can be used for another painting. 

Refinished Furniture
Refinishing and restoring furniture or other antique and vintage pieces is something I love to do and have recently incorporated into my business. It is so fulfilling to see an unloved, forgotten furniture piece and imagining the ways that I can bring it back to life. Furniture restoration allows me to combine my love for woodwork, creative design, and recycling used items. Please keepin mind that all of the furniture that I refinish and restore is either pre-loved, vintage, or antique. Expect to see flaws, some minor damage, and for the piece to show signs of wear and age. This is what makes the piece unique. Please note that issues will be disclosed to you to the best of my ability prior to your purchase. Often, antique or vintage furniture pieces cannot tolerate daily use in the same capacity that a brand new piece of furniture can (example: primitive wooden tracks on a drawer versus metal tracks with wheels). If you are unsure about purchasing a used or older piece of furniture, you are encouraged to see the piece in person prior to purchasing and to see how well it functions in order to determine if the piece suits your needs. All furniture sales are final. Please also note that all furniture pieces are advertised through Instagram and are cross-posted to Facebook Marketplace. For Terms and Conditions regarding custom refinishing requests for client owned pieces, please click here.

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