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Custom Furniture Refinishing 

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Humbled Craft Co to refinish your furniture piece. I take great pride in what I do, and I am so grateful that you have decided to trust me with your item. 


Here are a few things to note before proceeding with this service: 


I store furniture in my home and take it outdoors when it is being worked on. Your item will never be left outdoors unattended, overnight or in inclement weather. It is important to be aware that my home is one with children and pets, as such, the client is aware that they are leaving their item in my home environment. Your item will be cared for and covered at all times while being stored in my home. 


My refinishing knowledge and skill set is completely self taught and comes from 2+ years working in this area, learning and developing my skills. I am by no means a woodworking or refinishing expert. If you are expecting perfection, our services may not be for you. 


Most items I work on are constructed of wood. It is important for the client to be aware that when removing old finishes (paint, stain, sealers, etc) there could be damage underneath that was not previously known by the client/owner. This could include scratches, gouges, sanding swirls, cracked knobs, etc. I do my best to notify you of any damages or imperfections that I uncover while working on your piece. HCC does not assume responsibility of damage that previously existed on your piece, and I will always do what is within my ability to buff out or conceal any damage that has previously existed. 

The client is responsible for safe handling and transportation of the item(s). HCC is not responsible for any damages that may occur while transporting and handling the piece. Further, clients are expected to place the item safely and securely in their home once the services are complete, to minimize any risk or danger to any human or animal. 


The client is responsible for dropping off the piece(s) on the date/time that has been arranged with HCC in advance. Once the work is complete you will be notified that it is ready for pick up and the remainder of payment is due prior to/upon pick up. A pick up time will be arranged in advance. 


Cost estimations

I do my best to work as efficiently as I can, however, I consider this work an art form and as such, I cannot rush the refinishing or restoring process. It is not possible to predict how long a piece will take to refinish. The more information you provide initially (size, current finish, any existing damage) will help me provide a cost approximation, however, it won’t be until I am physically working on the piece that I can make a more accurate prediction of time/cost. I always do my best to provide my clients with an 'as accurate as possible' cost estimate, however, there are many variables that can affect pricing. 


Humbled craft co charges a non refundable $65 deposit to schedule the work to your piece(s) and hold your spot. This deposit includes your first hour of work. An additional hourly rate is charged for the number of hours required to complete your piece and a 15% commission fee is applied to the total upon completion.  Hiring HCC to refinish your furniture piece assumes that you are responsible to pay the full remaining balance as requested. HCC is under no obligation to return your furniture item to you unless payment in full is received.

Refinishing existing furniture keeps your beloved pieces and family heirlooms in your home, saves furniture from landfills and allows you to update and change existing furniture without buying costly new (and sometimes poorly constructed) items. I am a firm believer that less is more when it comes to consuming from big box stores, so let's bring that special piece back to life together. 

Thank you for choosing to support my small business!

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