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Custom and commissioned work

Fine Art

Thank you for choosing me to paint your special place. When I paint a landscape, I want to capture the place you love- the beauty, the feeling. When I'm working through your painting, I want to deliver a piece that you will truly love. Before getting started, we will discuss as many details about the work as possible, and I will also provide a cost estimate. Bare in mind that art is subjective and can often be left open to interpretation, as the saying goes, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'- this means that honesty is key to our working relationship and I will always share photographs with you during the process in order to share feedback and to discuss any suggested alterations. To proceed with a commission request, please fill out the inquiry form and I will respond within two business days. 


Please note I am not currently accepting large scale woodwork projects. For custom risers, plant stands, charcuterie boards or other small projects, please fill out the inquiry form. 

As a novice, I'm transparent and upfront about the fact that I am still learning this craft. I am totally self taught, therefore I cannot always strive for perfection. I do however strive to keep learning and growing as an artist, and to create relationships with my clients where we can both see the vision while working together to create it. If you have a project in mind, please reach out to discuss it and I will provide you with a free quote. If your project is not something I am comfortable taking on, I will be honest about it and I am happy to suggest another local business that may be better suited to your needs. Some custom pieces I have completed include shelves, blocks, charcuterie boards, and bath caddies, puzzle boards and plant stands. 


I am currently accepting requests for custom wall hangings, rainbows, ornaments, plant hangers and hanging shelves. Please fill out the inquiry form and I look forward to discussing your piece with you further! 

Please fill out the form below to inquire about custom or commissioned work. You can also reach me via Instagram Direct Message or Email.

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